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Soil Department

This department is responsible for soil, manure and plant sampling (when requested by client), laboratory analyses of collected or received samples, interpretation of these results and recommendation of appropriate agricultural programs.

  • Soil texture analysis and nutrient analysis
  • Agricultural Crop Recommendations
  • Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Manure analysis
  • Compost analysis
  • Advice of value addition


  • Rodent Management
  • Push Pull Strategies
  • Fall Army Worm Management

Food Audit and Nutrition Department

The Food Audit and Nutrition Department conducts fruit and vegetable audits for food safety and quality assurance. It also conducts nutrient analyses of food products for nutritional information labelling.

  • Nutritional Content Analysis
  • Bacteriological Analysis
  • Shelf-life Determination
  • Nutritional Information Labeling
  • Product & Recipe Development

RESEARCH Department

One of the main responsibilities of this department will be the investigation of pest strains in the country, the SADC region and across the continent to create an adaptation database that will be useful in combating invasive pest species that may be aggravated by climate change and forced to different latitudes, including Namibia. The other responsibility of this department will be to conduct climate change effects on agriculture and to find innovative mitigation strategies as well as adaptation strategies for the agriculture sector.

  • Farmer Training